All Juup customers are entitled to complimentary drinks and snacks during their treatments. Manicure and Pedicures enjoy a free touchup within 3 days!

The Classics
  • Classic Manicure / Pedicure
  • $28 / $38
    Shaping, cuticle cutting, massaging and end with polish from over 300 colors to choose from. Additional inhouse scrub is added for the feet. All done by our Juup professionals. Sanitization is our top priority. Please check with us on how you can customise your classic treatments.
    • French Manicure / Pedicure
    $38 / $48

    • Gel Manicure/Pedicure

    • (Choose from Harmony Gel, AnGel Pro or GellyFit. Free soak-off included)

    $65 / $75
    Want a nail color that will last more than 2 weeks? No chipping, no waiting time. Try a gel color overlay which dries immediately and yet as beautiful! Choose from either Gelish / Rosygel. Comes with a free-soak off.

    • Express Manicure / Pedicure
    • Just Polish Hands / Feet

    $15 / $20
    $10 / $12
    • Foot Massage (30 mins)

      For the Men :
    • Classic Manicure / Pedicure

    $36 / $46

    • JUUPalicious princess manicure / pedicure
    $15 / $20
    For the little princesses under 12, we offer the royal treatment. Shape, polish and sticker nail art to make them feel juupalicious!

    Go Hairy Go!
    Why not perfect your manicure or pedicure by getting rid of all those unruly hair? Try our waxing services using the world renowned Depileve systems. Rest assured that you are in safe hands!
    Arm $30
    Full Arm $50
    Fingers $15
    Half Leg $35
    Toes $15
    Note : Please allow a 10 min consultation with our therapist before you start your waxing session. We have wax for sensitive skin, stubborn hair, thin hair and even first-timers! So we need to know which is best for you!

    * Not applicable to other promotions or further discounts

    Everything Else
    Nail Repair $10 per nail
    Paraffin Hand / Feet treatment
    (50% off if added to any manicure or pedicure)
    $20 for hands
    $28 for feet
    ADD-ON : Callous treatment $22
    ADD-ON : Extended massage
    (10 mins block)
    ADD-ON : Scrub to knee $10
    ADD-ON : Mask & Scrub to knee $18

    Re-JUUP-vanate Spa Treatments
    Juup Signature Spa Manicure $40
    Juup Signature Spa Pedicure $58
    Using fruit scrubs and seasalt soak which helps to whitens your nails and exfoliate your skin, give yourself a little more pampering. Extra moisturised after the mineral mask thats added on top of your usual manicure and pedicure. Pedicure inclusive of callous treatment.

    OPI Manicure

    OPI Pedicure $75
    The Signature OPI 6 steps manicure and pedicure that everyone is raving about. You have to try it to believe it! Using ingredients like AHA, tea tree oil, grapefruit extracts, its so hard not to love all the soak, soften, scrub, mask, massage, smoothen goodies that you will experience. Not only this treatment purifies, softens, hydrates and moisturise you will feel refreshed and ready to go after this treatment!
    The Plastics
    We use the top quality Charisma Acrylic competition powder from USA. Charisma Nail Innovations products utilize the latest technology which wears well, won't yellow and virtually eliminates air bubbles for your gorgeous nails.

    All gel and acrylic extensions enjoy our 1 week free touchup period! 50% for your soakoff if you do a new set of Acrylic and Gel with us.
      Per Nail Full Set
    Acrylic Overlays $9 $80
    Acrylic Single Color Extensions $16 $150
    Acrylic Infills $10 $90
    Temporary Tips $8 $70
    Gelish Soak-off $3 $20
    Soak-off $6 $50
    Buff-off $7 $60
    UV Gel Top Coat $2 $10
    Juup Packages
    Save up to 40% off each treatment when you sign with us! Juup packages are transferable, valid at all outlets with 2 years expiry
    Plus you get a FREE add-on service when you get a package.

    6 Session
    Choose from any 1 of the FREE add-on services below (1 applicable for each treatment) :
    Quickdry application for top coat
    Nail Strengthener application
    OPI ridge filler application
    Seasalt soak
    Nail Art for 2 toes / fingers worth $10 / Cracked Nail polish
      3x 6
    Classic Manicure $84 $158
    Classic Pedicure $114 $208
    Juup Signature Spa Manicure $120 $228
    Juup Signature Spa Pedicure
    (consists of callous treatment)
    $174 $328
    Gelish Manicure $195 $350
    Gelish Pedicure
    (Free soak-off included)
    $225 $420
    For the acrylic fanatics, gel lovers and friends who are looking to share, Juup proudly presents...
    Juup Prestige Packages
    $500 Package - 5% off a la carte service and products
    $1,000 Package - 10% off a la carte service and products