Eyelash Services

Having longer, thicker eyelashes that looks natural, sexy and beautiful everyday. Minimizing make-up time and making your eyes look more gorgeous than ever. That is every woman's dream. This is now possible with Juup's new service - Korean or Japanese style Eyelash Extensions!

Our eyelash extensions use lashes and adhesives from Korea and Japan. We choose only the best and high quality products.

Korean and Japanese Style lashes are applied on a single hair-by-hair basis to achieve the natural look. Lashes come in different lengths and curvatures - J, B, C , D or L curves and various lights. Thus we can provide for all eye shapes.

We provide a wide range of lovely lashes for customers to choose. And we can design and make them suitable for any eye shapes.

4 major designs of our eyelash extensions

1. Natural Curvy

  • Natural looking
  • Looks like with mascara on
  • Suitable for those with very sparse eyelashes

Price range from $60

2. Gorgeous Black

  • Natural and Volume effect
  • Also creates inner liner effect
  • Gives a fuller look
  • Makes the eyes look bigger
  • Makes makeup look lighter
  • Suitable for all customers

Price range from $75

3. Sexy Look

  • Thicker and longer lashes
  • Weightless and fuller effect
  • Enhances the shape of the eyes to look long and sexy
  • Customers all time favourite

Price range from $90

3. Barbie Dolly

  • Fuller and Longer lashes
  • Enhances shape of the eyes to look big
  • Creates Barbie Doll look
  • No need for eye liner

Price range from $110

Other Related Services

Touch Ups

  • Touch up session recommended 2 weeks after a new set is done.
  • Touch up is not recommended if more than half of the lashes has dropped.

Price range from $35 - $60

Removal of Lashes

Price range from $30